Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is Everyone in the Bay Area a Tri-Athlete?

I didn't start this blog to rant and rave, but each time I am not sharing a video or pictures I feel like I have am ranting about something. Well...

The more time I spend in San Francisco, as opposed to the Peninsula and S. Bay, I find I run into a lot, and I mean A LOT of triathletes. Great right, what's the big deal? The big deal is these triathletes seem to view themselves and their Tri posse as above and better than the non-runners, cyclists, and swimmers of the world.

At times not being a triathlete almost feels like smoking in SF (I don't smoke, but I know how you San Fransicans are). You are immediately looked down upon and judged when someone finds out. This active judging is really starting to frustrate me, and I have no idea why judging is going on in the first place.

You, Mr. or Mrs. triathlete, are not showing me something amazing. In fact, tri-athletes perform three of the most basic "athletic" functions, just for a long amount of time.

Running: Over 99% of the population can do this

Cycling: To be kind I will say 90% of the population can do this; the other 10% are too young, still with training wheels, or too old

Swimming: Only the extremely skilled 75% of the population is up to this feat

Yes, I understand that a triathlon is an extreme test of endurance and it takes a lot of training and dedication. I totally appreciate that. I would also never do it. Training for the three most boring "sports" (not sure if I would consider running a sport) is not my cup of tee. BUT I could do it without issue. Give me two months to train and sign me up for finishing in the top 10% of any triathalon.

But really sign me up for surfing, where some balance and shifting of body weight, stamina, and paddling skills come in handy; along with knowledge of the ocean and the weather.

Or How about Soccer? I played Division 1 in college so I feel like I can somewhat call myself an athlete. Soccer takes extreme endurance, the ability to turn, sprint, stride, and avoid the opposition with the ball on your foot. There is also a very strategic, chess-like aspect to soccer (Americans are not aware of this).

I could write a laundry list of sports here, but I am sure you get the point.

And of all the amateur athletes who participate in athletic events and activities I find tri-athletes to be the most uppity about their achievements and prowess to train and participate in the three most basic "sports".

Keep doing what you're going triathletes, let's just work on being cool...

Oh, and one more thing. I don't need to know how many miles you ran, biked or swam the other day. You are training for a triathlon so it is obviously going to be a lot.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Facebook Gangsta

Facebook Gangsta from Facebook Gangsta on Vimeo.

Thanks LaughingSquid

Brushing Hunter

If you are a Siberian Husky owner (take note if you are perspective Husky owner) you know that when spring rolls around and you are looking summer straight in the eye it's time to get out the brush and vacuum. Tis' the season for coat blowing. As such, you are practically required to give your dog a thorough brushing once, if not twice a week.

Their fur practically falls right off when you pet them, and it is no exaggeration to say you can continually pull clumps and clumps of fur directly off of their coat. I spent 45 minutes today brushing Hunter and the hair never ceases to stop coming. You can see the results for yourself. And mind you that this hair was all wadded and clumped together after it was brushed off


Friday, May 23, 2008

Decision Cupcake 2008

In San Francisco we get to enjoy Kara's cupcakes, yummy overpriced cupcakes that live in a pink boxed womb. Just recently we stopped by Kara's and picked up 20. I personally am not the biggest sweets fan, but cupcakes are always hard for me to turn down. The first Kara's cupcake I had was a caramel banana baby that was delicious.

As it turned out a friend of ours was heading up from L.A. for the weekend and we asked him to bring up some cupcakes. He brought up about 40 cupcakes. 20 or so from Sprinkles and another 20 or so from Dots.

We had an all out taste test, cutting the cupcakes into fourths and trying the same flavors of cupcake from each store. This was done for multiple flavors of cupcakes. Hands down Sprinkles was the winner. Dots was second, and the little cutesy cupcake shop so many in San Francisco swear are the best cupcakes came in a distant third.

Here is a slide show to whet your appetite (if you were judging by the box Sprinkles would come in last).

**UPDATE** I was just at Stanford Mall this past weekend and it looks like a Sprinkles will be coming to the mall in Summer 2008

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bay 2 Breakers Video Playlist

There are 4 videos here. Sorry you have to deal with this post roll ad after each video. Not even mentioning the post roll brand since they don't deserve any additional recognition

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Privilege of the Left Lane

This past week in the Bay Area the heat has been scorching, reaching triple digits in some places. This first big heat wave always makes people more agitated than usual, especially when driving. And this certainly goes for me too as I have been very liberal with my horn usage.

There is a simple and basic understanding in driving etiquette that has had me laying on my horn now more than ever.

The left lane is the passing (fast) lane, and each subsequent lane to the right is a bit slower, until you get all the way over to the right lane which is for oncoming and exiting traffic, the slowest of all lanes.

I gained this knowledge early on in life and was lucky enough to be educated in the basics of driving by my parents. Since I turned 16 I have been conscious of this simple rule of the road.

Now more than ever do I realize not all drivers have been as fortunate to have parents (or just common sense) to educate them on this basic driving principle.

I cannot tell you how many times I find myself behind someone in the left lane with no cars in front of them and holding up a long line of traffic behind them. This act of complete unawareness while driving a car is what causes traffic...and road rage. The rule is so simple and basic, yet it seems that half the Bay Area population is unaware of it.

The left lane should be a privilege. Not all drivers should be allowed to drive in it. I propose, that at the very least, the DMV throw in a couple questions on your written driving test about the left lane. If you don't get these questions correct you are still allowed to get your drivers license, your license just has a mark on it denoting you are never allowed in the left lane, EVER! If pulled over for speeding (or driving too slow) in the left lane when banned from it the punishment is severe. I am talking about $10k+ fine, 6 months in jail, and 100 hours of community service type of punishment.

Of course I am kidding (kind of) and this is a pipe dream of mine that will never happen.

But really, it is so simple and basic to understand this concept. You should be passing cars to the right of you if you are in the left lane. And if you are in the left lane and passing people but someone is behind you going faster, pull over to the right.

I have been trying to find a real solution to this problem. I was initially having trouble as to how I would educate all of these drivers who needed this knowledge.

I can't pull you over and educate you. I can't yell out my window when going 80MPH and correct you. And I can't write a post on a blog that no one reads about the subject.

So after much thought and restless nights thinking over a solution I finally came up with one. My Horn! The horn or the lights are the only two instruments on the car that can communicate with another driving while moving at high speeds.

So if you see someone riding your bumper, blaring their horn, and possibly flashing their headlights don't get mad, understand I am trying to educate you the only way I can at that very moment.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photoshop Express New Embeddable Player

Photoship Express is slow and a little cumbersome. Uploading, editing, and even rotating photos can be timely. But I guess that is what you get with a free product. I do like the Embedded Player as a final product though.

But what would be great is if as you added/deleted photos in the album, the player would update itself in real time. For now looks like you have to paste in new HTML each time you make a change to the album.

Now go on a look at 70 pictures of me...

Hunter needs some face time!

Hunter was acting like a super model with a wicked coke habit for some time, refusing to eat day in and day out. Now he has decided to take up chowing down on non-human food on a regular basis and dad couldn't be happier. Man I feel like an overly proud parent.

Hunter Eats! from Clayco on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Ill Communication

Something has been happening to me a lot lately and I am hoping it is not a trend. People are starting to initiate contact via one medium but ask for a response via another medium. Most notably the text message asking for a phone call back. I am unwavering in my belief that the medium you are contacted in is the medium you should reply in. Which is why if you text me asking me to call, I text you right back.

Why does this matter you say? It matters because it illustrates the laziness that technology continues breed in us from a communication stand point. By no means do I feel technology as a whole makes us lazy. But today now so more than ever the lines of communication, due to the advancements in tech, have encouraged us to take up a greater amount of relationships in a much more impersonal manner. As we expand our network we become practiced in more and more impersonal relationships. As such, the new relationships we develop start to have an impact on previous personal relationships we have that extend beyond the bounds of the web. Which brings me back to my point of lazy communication and more and more people texting to ask for a phone call.

For the online world there is greater variance due to the numerous vehicles of online communication. For instance, if you email me I can email you back, or just as well send you a tweet, Facebook message, or ping you with a Gchat. And in my mind all of these are within the rules. The communication all stays within the electronic realm. And no, just because a text comes from a phone doesn't mean it is in the same realm as a call. We talking about talking vs. typing.

I have certainly received the FB message or an occasional email saying "let's catch up, give me a call." I so badly want to write back and let them know they have my number they should pick up the phone and give me a call if they so desire; I would be happy to talk.

And here is the thing. Never ever do you get the flip side of this occurring. Have you ever had someone call you and leave a message telling you to shoot them an email when you get a chance? I think not.

The whole act of typing a message to someone to request they initiate verbal contact is a simple passing of the burden.

"Hey man, I haven't talked to you in ages"

"Dude, I texted you last week and told you to give me a call"

Somehow the individual who was too lazy to call and instead chose to spend 35 seconds to send you a text has put you at fault for not keeping up in the friendship.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Perfect Scrambld Eggs by Gordon Ramsey

This post will be followed by my own attempt